All of our consultants’ qualifications give us a thorough understanding of admissions dynamics and decisions. We use that knowledge to help our clients make the most confirmed decisions and prepare the most effective application packages.
Each consultant has a specific area of specialization (Undergraduate, Graduate admissions) that we take into consideration when we pair consultants with clients. As a result, you work with a consultant who will provide you with one-on-one service and honest admissions.

We are a strategic and comprehensive admissions consultancy. Some of our more popular services include:
University selection
Admissions strategies
Drafting and polishing personal statements and essays.
Interview preparation.
Evaluating admissions options.
Pre Admissions Consulting.

Our Services:
University admission consulting: We are providing quality counseling to many students to choose the best possible options for their future.
Academic papers consulting: Do you need assistance with your essay and resume? You don’t know what to write in your own academic papers? You are not familiar with the proper citation styles and the proper structure of writing essays or your resume? We will guide you through it.
Accommodation Support: We can provide you with the most affordable and suitable accommodation for you and your accompanyee that suits your needs.
Interview Guidance: From first impressions, to planning answers and what to ask – the more prepared you are, the more confident, competent and relaxed you’ll be. Let us help you.

Our Prices:
1 – Education path consultation: Exclusively for limited time starting from $300.
2 – Full road map package: Exclusively starting from $450.

Note: prices may vary according to targeted country, university, and number of admissions required.