EFORBIA Company (EFORBIACO) is a private education consultancy company registered under Egyptian Authority Law and it has been authorized by Egypt Government to operate an Education Counseling Service in any educational institutions abroad for prospective students. EFORBIA Company is established With a motive to provide all sorts of assistance to meet the needs of international students every year, who aspire to study in prestigious, accredited, and ranked Universities/Colleges in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland. Our main focus is to help the students in selecting the right and affordable University/College across USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland.
With our quality service, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Educational Consultancies for abroad study. EFORBIA has already built a strong reputation as one of the most trusted top educational organizations by offering quality and reliable services with its deeply committed and dynamic working team.
EFORBIA has grown at an extraordinary rate through a network of Universities abroad. EFORBIA is an authorized representative of many colleges and universities from around the world, including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland.
EFORBIA proudly represents more than 300 institutions. Since its establishment, the organization has been dedicated to helping students make the right choice for their education and future careers globally.

We aim to be become leader worldwide admission and student affair platform

To guide and work hand by hand with our student to reach them to their future dream with extensive quality process to achieve premium quality admission services with prober cost

Why Choose us:
Our team consists of experts of Education agents and Consultants. We will be there with you every step of the way in your journey. We understand moving to a new country a million miles away from your home country is never an easy task, however we place you at ease. We will be there to support you every step of the way as we treat you like our family. At EFORBIA we provide professional services of the highest standard.

EFROBIA is a professional student admission consultancy company providing students with the most current information about studies offered globally. It is made up of a group of professional services who can assist you with helping you find the right study program tailored specifically for you. We understand everyone’s needs are different and no two people are alike, this is what makes each of you special. We will be there to assist you with your study journey. EFORBIA agents assist students with vital information about the selected destination, programs and courses, universities, the admission process, and accommodations.


Your commitment and time will be heavily invested in the admissions process. Therefore, attention to detail is crucial to ensuring your success.

Our comprehensive admissions services leave no stone unturned:

  • Selection of universities best suited to your objectives and strong points.
  • Guidance on obtaining letters of reference.
  • Completion of applications.
  • Preparation of personal statements.
  • Review and editing of essays.
  • Review and critique of resumes.
  • Admissions interview preparation.

If you have an admissions issue, we’ve most likely tackled it with a client. If you have an admissions question, we’ve undoubtedly addressed it with an applicant. Moreover, we also offer “ding” analyses for those who have recently been rejected from their top-choice school.